Thursday, March 23, 2017

Elementary School Challenge Ways to Win

Flyers and registration forms have been delivered to the local elementary schools. If you are a member staff member, PTA or parent and would like to see your elementary school win this year, here are some ideas to help your school get involved:

  1. Have daily/weekly reminders about registration
  2. Have contest between classes in each grades to see which class has the most participants
  3. Encourage the teachers to be involved - this challenge benefits their classrooms and school because they get the playground balls
  4. Have a coloring contest 
  5. Have practice run/walk walks around the playground to show them a mile or 5k (3.10 miles) isn't really that long or hard
  6. Have a booth set-up during parent-teacher conferences with registration forms or a computer available for online registration
  7. Have a location at the school to take registrations either at the front office or a teacher - a member of the event committee will pick-up - call Sarah at 801.404.6476 to notify registrations are at your school

The Elementary School Challenge is the school with the most participants, staff, students and family, win an award assembly. At the award assembly the school receives a plaque from the Mayor to display in their school, a guest speaker (typically an athlete), and the school receives playground equipment such as balls and Frisbies. 

The excitement of receiving a medal and spending time as a family has great benefits. The award assembly, we hope, will have a lasting effect on the students and encourage them to make healthy decisions.